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Mancala Gaming Online Slot Game Provider

The Best Mancala Gaming Online Casino Slots to Play

Mancala Gaming is an online slot game provider that offers an inclusive portfolio of over 70 exclusive traditional slot games and around 20 craps games. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in the Czech Republic. Mancala online gaming creation studio brought together a number of industry professionals who share the same vision and believe in creating a fresh and successful igaming product.

Their slogan: “Forget the limits and limitations, and create something truly unique” those words resonate with everything we do and create. From what can be seen in their games, Mancala has managed to “jump” their imagination and newly established in-house game studio is already working on bold new concepts.

Mancala Gaming games represent ambitious visions and new creative ideas. The company and its representatives are also associated with excellent service and fair business practices. Mancala Gaming greatly values its customers and believes that balanced and cooperative partnerships can help grow not only its business but also the entire online casino industry.

Mancala reliable software offers both traditional and innovative bonus tools, and exciting games that take the online gaming experience to new dimensions.

What Mancala Gaming offers

  • A great service – Mancala goal is to provide a first class service to all its customers.
  • Fair business – Mancala Gaming believes in fair business practices and building a mutually beneficial partnership with its customers.
  • Bonus Tools – Mancala Gaming’s dedicated teams develop innovative bonus systems and tools to achieve even better results in online gaming.
  • Reliable software – Mancala Gaming’s software is fully tested and certified and is in the process of being certified for the MGA and UKGC.
  • Juicy themes – Mancala Gaming offers various themes for everyone and knows that the future is in innovative, interactive and great slots.

Redefining the gaming world

The game Mancala was created as a bold project of its inspiring CEO. The game studio Mancala Games had a vision to create a fair and friendly company where people would enjoy working. Creativity and innovative ideas flourish in such an open and inspiring environment and freedom helps the company and its employees grow faster.

The company spends a great deal of time in the hiring process because its goal is to find talented professionals who are not only great in their field, but also nice people to work with.

Recently Mancala has established a gaming studio in the company where the wildest ideas and the coolest innovations for slot games are coming to life.

From the initial idea, through the artist’s work, to mathematics and development… all driven by love and passion for the games. This is how Mancala Gaming’s new slot machines are coming to life.

Mancala business partners are treated with fairness and respect and are offered innovative bonus tools to help them get the most out of their games and make their lives easier.

Mancala Gaming games

All of Mancala are adapted for mobile devices since they use HTML5 technology. This technology allows rich immersive games to load quickly through low-bandwidth Internet connections to be played on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop machine running a web browser. Android or iOS, Mac, or PC with Windows 10.

The company’s portfolio is divided into Classic Games and Premium Games. This distinction does not refer to slot machines and craps games.

In the premium category there are currently 12 games, such as Monster Thieves, Copper Dragon, Kings and Dragons Dice, Huge Catch Dice and others. Mancala Gaming’s online slots also don’t distinguish it from the different versions, that is, the progressive jackpot slots against the traditional online slots.

In the classic category, we can find the 5×3 Casino Nights slot with 15 pay-lines. The game has 3 bonus rounds and a maximum winning of x3060. The design and soundscape are on par with the premium games, and their own pages suggest titles from the premium pages as “similar games”.

After trying out some games in each category, we couldn’t really find any difference between the games. Maybe online casino operators have more control over one game than the other in terms of in-game bonuses or even RTP settings.

Finally, after playing and examining more than a dozen online slots from Mancala Gaming, we determined that there are actually only 4 online slot games with almost 50 different themes that are used in these games. Each of the themes seemed to introduce a unique mechanic, however some of them share with other games.

To be fair it must be said that the themes are well executed with interesting animations and art. Modern online slot elements like “cascading reels” add another level of commitment and anticipation even if no win multipliers are applied.


Mancala Gaming is still a very young game developer. You can understand your desire to grow fast and be recognizable in the iGambling industry. But things have to be done with patience.

Of the games we have explored there are many games that are clones of the prototypes. It must be said that we have no complaints about the artistic quality or the gaming experience of any of their titles. Although the art and animation part is just amazing, the sound effects are of decent quality.

As more and more studios appear bringing their love creations into the online casino industry space, we will always come across different business models. This is not a reproach, some developers often release new themes for their old online slots just to keep the numbers ahead of the game, so it is a tradition little appreciated by online casino players.

Hopefully Mancala Gaming will not be a desalter like the rest and will change its business model to be successful with players who do not rate and filter slots by provider name when playing.