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Best Free Online Baccarat

Find out where to play the best online baccarat casinos listed in one place! US and Aussie players, don’t forget to read our baccarat strategy guide for the best chance to win and understand how to play baccarat. Due to the fact that more and more online casinos offer Baccarat among all their games, the popularity of this game has increased. And not only in the land casinos, but thanks to the online version of baccarat that is much more accessible to all types of players, with the possibility of making much cheaper bets than usual. There are no major differences when playing baccarat traditionally and online. The gameplay and rules are basically the same. However, each online casino and each game variety may have its own specifications and slight differences. You can find baccarat games where up to 14 players are allowed to participate in the same round. Discover on our website all the best online casinos where you can find baccarat.

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Top 10 Baccarat Online Casinos
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Top 8 Reasons to Play Online Baccarat

Today, no one doubts that the Internet has brought convenience to all areas of our daily activities. Internet has made it easier for people to study, work, shopping and gambling online. There are innumerable online casino websites where one can play a wide range of best casino games. Players can play online slots, table games, poker, blackjack, roulette and a wide range of other games at online casinos. Baccarat is one of the most famous casino games of all.

Why play baccarat? Baccarat is one of the most popular games that is available in both online and land-based casinos. However baccarat in online casinos is a bit different and better than in land based casinos. Some of the most significant and authentic reasons to play baccarat online are mentioned below.

  • 01

    Easy to play

    The basic rules associated with baccarat are easy to understand. Players only need to know that they can bet on a player’s hand or the dealer’s hand. In addition, bets are placed before the cards are dealt.

  • 02

    High odds of winning

    Baccarat is one of the most successful casino games because the odds of winning at baccarat are high. Players can maximize their chances of winning by betting on the dealer’s hand.

  • 03


    Playing baccarat at online casinos is available with a minimum bet of $1 per hand. Players have the option to play baccarat for free at an online casino.

  • 04

    Huge bonuses

    Online casinos offer bonuses for baccarat games. Deposit bonuses are the most common and can be 100% for up to $500.

  • 05

    Play baccarat at home

    Playing baccarat online at home is comfortable and less expensive, you can play at any time of the day or night.

  • 06

    Live dealer baccarat

    Live baccarat was one of the first games offered by online casinos in live dealer format. It is also an ideal game for live gambling, as it is a natural game where a single game at a single table can cater to many online players.

  • 07

    Improve your skills

    Playing baccarat online gives you the opportunity to improve your skills at a pace you are comfortable with. Start at the no-cost play money tables and then gradually work your way up the table stakes.

  • 08

    It’s safe and secure

    Today playing baccarat online for real money is very safe. Baccarat casino websites protect player privacy and cashier transactions with 256-bit SSL technology.

Welcome to the baccarat section at!

Find out where to play the best online baccarat casinos listed on one page! US and Australian players don’t forget to read our baccarat strategy guide for the best chance of winning and to understand how to play online baccarat.

Online casinos have many games of chance. Some are more famous than others, some are more played than others. The game that is always present in online casinos is Baccarat. Baccarat is very popular in Asia, however, little by little baccarat is gaining ground in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Surely you have seen James Bond movies. In many of them there are scenes where agent 007 is playing baccarat. Based on card games, whose origins date back to 1490, the name “Baccarat” is the French spelling of the Italian word meaning ‘zero’. The zero relates to the point value of the face of the cards in the game.

Thanks to the popularity that this game has had for so many years of existence, it has gained great popularity outside of land-based casinos as well. Online baccarat is becoming more and more popular among gamblers. A game that is renewed and updated, now also available in Baccarat Mobile and Live Baccarat.

We will talk about Baccarat on this occasion, so that the gambler who does not know this game of chance knows what this game is about and so that the one who already knows it, becomes an expert in this game. So, if you want to know everything related to this game of chance, we recommend you to read very carefully what we bring for you.

History of Baccarat

There are different versions about the history of Baccarat, some say that it was created in Italy and then moved to France where it became more popular, all this in the 15th century. Others indicate that this is not true, and that what really happened was that it was confused with a similar game of that time. The first versions of the Baccarat game come from the first half of the 19th century, where the variations “Baccarat Banque” and “Chemin de Fer” became popular, the latter arrived in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, exactly when gambling was illegal.

Therefore, Americans could only play Baccarat in underground casinos with the risk of being arrested by the police. The real “boom” of Baccarat occurred when it was included in the land-based casinos in Las Vegas, especially in East Las Vegas, Macao, where it is one of the most popular gambling games.

In the United States, as well as in Latin American and European countries, baccarat is one of the most popular card games both in land-based casinos and online casino sites. Check out the most popular baccarat variants currently available at the best online baccarat casinos.

Baccarat Rules

As in any other game, be it Blackjack or any other card game, knowing the rules of each one of them is really important, and not only in order to get the most out of it, but also to know what terms you are playing with, what you have to stick to and how the game is going to develop, so that no action or move will catch you unawares. To begin with, each player has his assigned space at the table, so that they are around the dealer. And as mentioned above, to win at baccarat, you have to bet on the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand or bet on the tie. The game basically consists of guessing who can have the hand of cards that is closest to the value of 9.

If indeed the winning hand is the one you bet on, you will get a victory that will make you add more profits. It is even possible to win a progressive jackpot. If it happens that both the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand is 8 or 9 points, both hands will be uncovered and the corresponding jackpot will be won by the one with the highest score. If the points of the dealer and the player coincide completely, there will be a tie and the bet money will be returned. After this another round can begin.

If as a player your hand totals a 6 or a 7 you have several options, such as standing at the time of your turn or check. In case you don’t do any of these options you will have to draw another card and then the dealer will play. Finally, after the dealer has finished with his hand, the rest of the players will have to show their cards, to find out who is the winner by getting closer to 9 points.

How To Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a fairly simple card game as there is very little strategy and skill involved, instead the game relies heavily on odds. Like roulette, the player must choose where to place their bet, either on the player or the banker and then the cards are dealt. There are 2 hands dealt, as mentioned above the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand. The names of the hands are merely for show, as they actually have very little to do with the player or the banker. Once two cards have been dealt to each hand, the highest hand is the winner. Qualifying the winner can be confusing, but simply put, only the last digit of the total is counted (if the hand totals more than 1 digit). In other words, if the hand equals 14, the hand total is 4. Ace cards are counted as 1, while 10’s and face cards have a value of zero. The player can choose whether to bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. The dealer can also choose where to bet, but it is common for the dealer to bet on the dealer’s hand.

When choosing where to place a bet, it should be noted that the house edge is 1.24% on the Player’s hand and bets on the Banker’s hand have a 1.06% edge. Betting on the Banker is obviously the best option, but there is also the option to bet on a tie between the Player and Banker, but this has a massive 14.4% edge. While these numbers may change slightly depending on where you choose to play, the best bet always falls on the banker.

What is the objective of baccarat? The objective in this game is to get 9 points, or at least as close to it as possible, using the cards you have in your hand. Some of the most significant differences compared to other card games is that, in baccarat, due to the way the value of the cards is counted, you will never get a number higher than 9. The rest of the game is quite simple. Like the dealer, each player receives 2 cards dealt face down, and up to three types of bets can be made: betting on the player, betting on the dealer, or betting on a tie.

Want to be a real expert? Take note of the most commonly used terms at a general level. Knowing the terminology used in baccarat will help you better understand what is being talked about at all times, and you will be able to use a language with which you will understand the technical aspects used during the games.

Baccarat – Although this term is also known as baccara, it means that the value of a hand of cards is 0.

Coup – Equivalent to one round of baccarat play, and encompasses both the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand.

Natural Hand – This is the name given to a hand when the value of the cards is 8 or 9.

Croupier – The person in charge of dealing each and every card of the game in each game. It can be a real person in real casinos and even in online casinos that have online baccarat, or it can be a computer system.

Run – The player can side bet on one of the other possible hands, either the player’s, the dealer’s or the tie.

Tie – Occurs when the value of the dealer cards is exactly the same as the value of the player’s cards. In some versions of baccarat it may appear as a standoff.

The Banker – The dealer is in charge of dealing the cards. It is one of the three options that can be bet on during the game. The bet is paid 1 to 1, although it is necessary to subtract the commission, which is usually up to 5%.

The Paddle – It is the bar-shaped tool used by the dealer to move the cards on the table in physical casinos, although in some online games it is also possible to see it.

The Shoe – It is the machine whose function is to shuffle all the cards of the game.

Baccarat Card Values

Just as it is important to know the rules for playing baccarat, it is essential to know the card values, as well as how to count the value of the cards. Learning this will allow you to design your own game strategy and help you make better decisions. Below are numerical values of cards in baccarat:

  • 0 points: The 10, Jack, Queen and King.
  • 1 point: Ace
  • 2 to 9 points: The rest of the cards from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 correspond to the value they represent.
online baccarat card values

How to score points in Baccarat? If you do not know how to count the value of cards while playing baccarat, we recommend that you pay attention to this aspect. This will help you to make a good decision. Adding up the points is not complicated, you just have to remember a couple of things. If in a hand the total of the cards is higher than 9, that is to say from 10 onwards, you have two ways to make that value lower. On the one hand, you can either remove the first digit of the value while keeping the value of the units. Or you can subtract 10 units so that the value is below the number 9. That is, if you first get a 6 and then an 8, the total sum will be 14, but as it cannot exceed the value indicated above, you need to subtract 10, so the final value of your hand would be 4. The same result as if you remove the first digit of the 14.

Baccarat Variants

Most casino players play mobile baccarat for real money due to the popularity of this game. The game of baccarat has different variations. This is because baccarat game providers modify the different versions of baccarat to make them more exciting. Here are the most popular types of online baccarat games that can be played for real money at the best online casinos:

  • Baccarat Banque. In this baccarat game, the dealer starts by getting a list of players who want to play as a banker. Once the cards are released, the banker can fold after running out of money or if all the cards are dealt.
  • Punto Banco. Some players call this baccarat game American baccarat. Its rules are unique. Punto Banco uses between 6 and 8 decks of cards. This depends on the casino that offers this game.
  • Chemin de Fer. It is the French variant of baccarat. It is the first version of baccarat game that first appeared in the early 1800s. It traditionally uses 6 decks of cards.
  • Baccarat EZ. The main rule of this game is to pay even money if the betting banker wins. However, if a banker wins a 7 with the third card, a push is applied to his bet.
  • Mini Baccarat. You know that mini means small. Therefore, everything in Mini Baccarat is smaller. This includes payouts, bet amounts and baccarat tables.
  • Live Casino Baccarat. The same rules apply for live dealer games and other variants. But, this depends on the game provider.

Baccarat Strategy

When playing online baccarat for real money, the player needs a winning strategy. The game of baccarat offers a small edge that a skilled player can use to reduce the online casino advantage. Arguably, no baccarat strategy can guarantee continuous wins. But this does not mean that a player cannot improve the chances of winning. An attentive and disciplined player can use some tactics to conserve his money. The most effective approach to baccarat card play is to hedge bets. As such, a player should focus on betting on a bankroll. Essentially, the odds of beating the dealer are favorable. This is because in standard 8-deck play, the house edge is 1.06%. On the other hand, the house edge for a player win is 1.24%, while a draw win has a house edge of 14.36%. In 6-deck games, only the house edge changes for a draw. The house advantage is 14.44% in 6-deck games. When playing a single-deck game, the house advantage of a banker attracts odds of 1.01%. In a tie, the house edge is 15.75% and 1.29% for the player. To learn more about baccarat and how to place a bet on any variant, players should start by playing free baccarat games online. The payouts in baccarat games are:

  • Banker Bet: 19 to 20
  • Player Bet: Even money
  • Tie Bet: 8 to 1
  • Player Pair and Banker Pair: 10 to 1

Experienced baccarat players may recommend certain betting systems. However, it is highly recommended that a player carefully research before trying a betting system. At first, a betting strategy may pay off at times, however, following it can be costly. As hinted, baccarat is generally a game of chance. Therefore, there is nothing like a “basic baccarat strategy”. Similarly, there is nothing like deck tracking and card counting. It is only the luck of the draw that determines when you lose or win. Tactics and strategic decisions in the game of baccarat cannot change this.

Play Free Baccarat Demo Games

Try playing the best online baccarat for free! Play free online baccarat games with no download or registration needed. Choose from Punto Banco, Mini Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat, and more. Also check out our beginners guide to playing baccarat online.

Baccarat Games
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We believe that online gaming should not only be exciting, but also conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Learn more about responsible gaming at CasinoBike.

*Playing real money casino games carries high level of financial risk and may cause you financial problems. Before you decide to play with real money you should carefully consider your budget, the legislation in your country and your level of experience. If you have gambling addiction problems we recommend you to visit or and ask for help.

Tips & tricks to increase your chances of winning at online baccara

Although there is nothing like a winning strategy when it comes to baccarat. You can follow certain tips to increase your chances of winning. Apply these tips if you want to win money playing online baccarat:

Manage your bankroll

Controlling the bankroll is very important when a casino player is playing baccarat. Just like when a professional is playing blackjack or poker. Managing the bankroll properly is important to ensure that a player does not bet more than he is willing to lose. This also allows a player to avoid reloading his account balance when he is angry or when he cannot afford additional money to cover his possible losses. Proper bankroll management is what ensures that a baccarat player does not become a problem gambler. In addition, bankroll management can prevent losing everything when a person becomes addicted to online gambling.

Always bet on the bankroll

The payout on a banker bet is usually higher than that of a player bet. What’s more, the two don’t have a big difference, even in terms of the odds of winning for either of them. Players have different strategies. Likewise, advice on what bet to play most of the time varies. However, most baccarat players agree that leaning toward a banker bet rather than a player bet can increase the chances of winning in online baccarat play.

Know your limit

It is very important that you decide when to stop playing. Every player should know when they need to stop playing to avoid irresponsible gambling. And this should apply whether a player wins or loses money. Getting angrier and making bigger bets is a common characteristic of gambling with addiction problems. So even if you think you are winning and everything seems to be going in your favor, watch your limit.

Most gamblers will never quit gambling if they are ahead and beat their opponent in games such as blackjack and poker. However, this should not be the case in the game of baccarat, because it is essentially an online game of chance.

Avoid following systems

Winning at baccarat is not easy. This is because the baccarat table game is not a simple game to beat. But, there are strategies and systems out there and some players are willing to try them. However, you should ignore baccarat systems because they don’t work.

Collect your bonus

Always remember to collect your casino bonus. A bonus is something that will make a significant difference to you if you ignore it. All players should always look for a casino bonus when playing online baccarat for money. All online casinos that offer baccarat games give their players baccarat bonuses. If an online casino site does not offer a bonus on baccarat games, it is probably not the right place to play online baccarat. The purpose of a bonus is to attract players. You can get them at our recommended online casinos ↑, promotional links and affiliate links.

Baccarat is a simple and incredibly fun game. Although no strategy can guarantee a win when playing online baccarat, you can follow simple tips to increase your chances of winning. Many USA players make money playing this card game, including poker professionals. This explains why this game has become a mainstay in both physical and online casinos. It is also the reason why baccarat maintains its popularity worldwide.

Best Online Baccarat – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play baccarat online?

Yes, online baccarat games are legal in most countries around the world, including the USA, Canada and Australia. Most online casinos also allow players to play live baccarat for money via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.

Is there a strategy to win at online baccarat for real money?

There is no winning strategy when it comes to playing online baccarat. This is because baccarat is largely a game of pure chance. Therefore, anyone who guarantees that they have a strategy that will allow you to win is simply lying. Moreover, the supposed strategy may even make you lose more money than you would lose by playing without following any strategy at all.

Are the tips useful when playing online baccarat?

Yes. Although no strategy works when it comes to playing online baccarat for money, you can follow certain tips and win. Generally, these tips increase your chances of getting lucky and winning at the best online baccarat for real money. A common tip from professional baccarat players is to constantly bet on the banker! Players are also advised to monitor and manage their bankroll. Proper bankroll management allows the player to avoid strategies or betting systems that don’t work and concentrate on betting an amount they can afford.

How can I get a baccarat casino bonus?

Most players visit an online casino baccarat for real money, the first thing they look for is a bonus. But, the low house edge makes some online casino websites declare baccarat as a game that is not eligible for a welcome bonus. In return, some online casinos offer a welcome bonus that applies to baccarat games. Most online casinos offer a bonus for table games in which baccarat may also be included.