Wheel of Fortune games at LeoVegas Live Casino. The combination of wheel of fortune mechanics with the recent slot concept of live casino games offers players a fun way to enjoy a few spins. The main developer of such games is Evolution Gaming, whose first big hit was a virtual dream catcher that creates a wheel of fortune in which hitting the right sector can award huge winnings.

LeoVegas Casino Wheel of Fortune

Letโ€™s Spin the Wheel!

The wheel of fortune as a form of lottery has its roots in a distant time, with the first prototype probably dating back to the time of Ancient Rome, where the so-called rota fortunae was in vogue. Throughout the ages, this wheel of fortune underwent multiple transformations, yet its charm has certainly remained unchanged, offering the same exciting entertainment in various forms for over two thousand years.

This also includes the Wheel of Fortune games at LeoVegas Live Casino. The combination of wheel of fortune mechanics with the recent slots concept of live casino game shows provides players with a fun way to enjoy a few spins. The main developer of such games is Evolution Gaming, whose first big hit was a virtual dream catcher that creates a wheel of fortune where hitting the right sector can award huge winnings.

Want to know more about the wheel of fortune past and present? Read on or scroll directly to the end of this article to discover LeoVegas Casino selection of live tables that are related to the wheel of fortune!

Origin of the wheel of fortune

As we mentioned above, the wheel of fortune is a very old game. So old, that it is often cited as the first collective activity based on gambling in many ancient civilizations. Its origins date back to Greco-Roman times, when a game called rota fortunae was a particularly popular form of lottery. In fact, it was also the inspiration for another famous casino game – roulette, which you can read more about in our guide “How to play roulette”.

The wheel of fortune game consisted of placing a cartwheel horizontally on a pivot (allowing it to spin) with a stick driven into the ground next to it so that it rubbed against the outer perimeter of the wheel. The spokes divided the wheel into sectors and the object of the game was to guess which sector would be closest to the pole when the wheel stopped. This type of entertainment was very popular with soldiers, who sometimes used a round battle shield.

Symbolism in the wheel of fortune

So why has such an ancient game been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years? The answer is somewhat complex. In reality the wheel of fortune is linked to a much more comprehensive concept than the game itself. As it seems, to this day, it is enormously successful in maintaining a certain symbolism in many different populations and cultures.

After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, this game spread to the culture of monks, philosophers and writers. In fact, the 5th century Roman philosopher Boethius was responsible for one of the first written quotations on the “powers” of the wheel of fortune. The excerpt from his philosophical work “De consolatione philosophiae” said:

What, do you try to stop the motion of the spinning wheel? The most foolish of fools you are, must realize that if the wheel stops turning, it ceases to be the course of chance.

In his work, Boethius speaks of fortune as a revolving wheel that gives and takes away, with a clear allegorical reference to life and underlining the most tragic aspect of this reality. At the same time, the prose invites readers to be prepared for any eventuality that life throws at them, accepting their own destiny with serenity.

Reference is also made to the cycle of the seasons and the solar cycle which is divided into 4 phases: dawn, noon, dusk and night. And so, the wheel of fortune also entered the world of Christianity.

In conclusion, we can say that the meaning of the wheel, although it uses different symbols depending on the civilization and culture, has always been related to the cyclical character of luck, change, chance and the passage of time.

history wheel of fortune

๐Ÿ’ก Did you know? Already in the Middle Ages, the wheel was often depicted to convey the instability of destiny and the alternation of life between victory and defeat. To explain its meaning, we can go back to the first iconographic representations accompanied by the ancient Latin motto: “Regnabo, Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno”, that is, “I will reign, I reign, I have reigned, I lack kingdom”. This motto contains the ascending cycle of kings: from poverty to wealth culminating in the maximum glory of the throne and then descending towards decadence and finally the fall – a clear reference to the cycle of life that is in continuous movement, from negativity to positivity, and vice versa.

Wheel of fortune online

The main feature of the wheel of fortune is to literally spin for luck. Even in the modern imagination, the meaning of the wheel goes back to fate: “The wheel spins as the wheel wills,” as Robert Jordan said.

The symbolism of the wheel has also been exploited on television. In the famous TV show of the same name, hosted by the legendary duo Vanna White and Pat Sajak, the “Wheel of Fortune” consists of a wheel divided into sectors with different prizes or losses, which affect the final prize pool. Since its creation, many Wheel of Fortune lottery games have been inspired by this same mechanic.

TVโ€™s Wheel of Fortune

More than 46 years ago, on January 6, 1975, Merv Griffin’s new show aired for the first time on NBC and changed U.S. television forever. The creator of the TV show “Jeopardy,” who as a child was an avid fan of hangman, combined it with a “hook” he had seen and loved in a casino: the big spinning wheel. He put the two together and the rest is history. The initial set-up wasn’t quite the same, as the roulette wheel spun automatically instead of a contestant spinning, and the name “Shopper’s Bazaar” didn’t fit as well.

Although the show featured a host and a model to spin the letters, the real star was undoubtedly that spinning wheel, with the flashing lights and colors adding a bit of Las Vegas glitz and glamour. And although the first model of the wheel was made of cardboard, paint and light bulbs, the same wheel frame is still used now, albeit with many technological advances being added as times changed. So it was only a natural step for the mechanics to go in the direction of the wheel of fortune lottery games online!

Wheels of fortune in LeoVegas Casino

In 2017, Evolution Gaming launched for the first time a real online wheel of fortune in a “casino” format and in a studio that resembles a TV game show. In fact, the mechanics are very similar and equally basic. To play you spin a wheel divided into colored segments of different types. Winnings include various bonus features, multipliers or cash.

Wheel of Fortune has evolved from being a spectator show on television to a game show in which everyone can participate. As always, the objective is to predict the segment where the spinning wheel will stop. No mathematical strategy is needed, no logic is required, it’s just a matter of luck. Precisely for this reason, the online wheel of fortune is suitable for any type of player. Let’s take a look at some of these games.

Spin the Live Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune

One of the most fun and engaging variants of the online wheel of fortune you can find at LeoVegas Live Casino is undoubtedly Live Dream Catcher. The first game show produced by Evolution Gaming with a live host.

Right in the center of the studio is the famous Money Wheel, the wheel of fortune on which the different betting possibilities and payouts available to players are displayed. The way the game is played is also very simple, with the player betting on a number and waiting for luck to smile on him, while the game presenter entertains the audience and keeps the conversation going by responding to the comments visible in the live chat.

The player has the opportunity to adjust the value of his bet by selecting the chip that appears at the bottom of the screen with a simple click when the bets are opened, at which point he just has to place one or more bets by clicking on one of the displayed segments of the wheel (numbered 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40). The number actually corresponds to the payout of the bet. The 1 pays 1, the 2 pays 2, and so on. But that is not all. On the wheel there are also 2 multipliers, 2x and 7x, which can increase all bets on the table. If the money wheel stops in one of these two areas, all bets are frozen and the wheel spins to give the possibility to apply the multiplier to the next win.

The Live Dream Catcher studio also often changes its look for special occasions such as Halloween or Valentine Day. The set is redesigned with decorations and props suitable for each occasion, offering not only dedicated promotions and bonuses, but also lots of fun in the company of live dealers. Video and themed sound effects will accompany the player on every spin of the wheel of luck.

Live Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

*(Evolution Live Games are not available in British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba)

Spin the wheel of fortune online!

Wheel of fortune online is a world famous game, with its classic form of a prize wheel mixed with roulette and a lottery game with prizes. A simple game that requires no calculations or strategy, but offers a fun time where all you have to do is trust the arbitrary results of fate. And precisely because of this, the wheel of fortune remains a timeless, one of the great classics that never goes out of fashion!

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