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Players who play at online casinos know how hard it is to win. Sooner or later any player asks the question: Is this online casino game cheating me or not? Surely you have thought it yourself many times. You are not the only one. It is something completely logical, as online casino players see poker cards being magically shuffled without having access to the full deck of cards.

To solve the doubts in 2010 a platform called Provably Fair was created. The purpose of provably fair is to prove that online casino games are fair. Within bitcoin casinos it is one of the most popular proofs of fair play. So there is no need to worry anymore about whether an online casino manipulates the outcome in this way.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair is a technology used in bitcoin that makes online gambling transparent, meaning that you can now play and verify whether online gambling is fair or not. Provably Fair uses cryptographic hash values, basically, it is the algorithm known as SHA256. The best way to define Provably Fair is to say that it is a method that allows players to not only verify how cards have been shuffled automatically, but to do so in a transparent manner. Every game a player enters is completely fair, and if a player wants to verify this fact, he or she can do so by clicking the «Provably Fair» button. After entering the necessary information, the verifiable evidence will be provided directly to the player.

Put more simply, Provably Fair is used in the Bitcoin gambling industry and is the only possible method to ensure that no one is cheating, neither the online gambling portal nor the online player. From this alone, it can be said that it will become the standard for all online casino websites, making it the future of online gambling.

In order for you to understand this method of verifying and proving that an online casino is playing fair, here is an example of a card game. These are the steps that are taken before a hand is dealt.

The online casino servers create new decks of cards and shuffle them by using a hardware-level random number generator. In addition, the servers create the random strings. The two strings of numbers are combined to create a single encrypted string. The result of this is known as the «secret».

And finally, which is quite important, the encrypted string («secret») is hashed using the SHA256 algorithm. The hashing result is known as «hash». This value will be shown to you before the cards are dealt proving that the game is fair. For his part the player can verify at any time that the decks, the random strings and the «secret» were not manipulated by the online casino.

There are also online casinos with Provably Fair that allow you as a player to cut the deck to prove that they are not carrying out any illegal moves on their part and that the game is totally fair.

How does Provably Fair work in a card game?

Before dealing the cards, in the player’s web browser the javascript creates a random string. When you press the button to bet, your browser will send the generated string to the online casino servers, and it will go through another hashing process.

This process is very similar to the verification method, except that the hash here will be used to run a different kind of number generator. To cut the deck, the almost random Mersenne Twister number generator is used, being the same one used to reshuffle the deck. Due to the fact that the player is the only one who knows the number that was used to run the number generator, there is no way for the online casino to manipulate the results of the game.

Provably Fair Technology Online Gambling

Provably Fair technology in other online games

It would be unreasonable not to take advantage of Provably Fair technology in other non-card online casino games. In these games the same method is used, the only difference being that a different “deck” of cards is used. There are quite a number of these online games. For example, roulette, craps and slots where players can check that the online casino did not manipulate the results to their advantage.

Provably Fair Online Casinos

The Provably Fair technology that uses cryptographic values to prove that the game is fair can be found on the best bitcoin casinos websites such as FortuneJack, Bitstarz or 7BitCasino. In fact, the blockchain technology that is at the base of Bitcoin cryptocurrency gives total transparency just like from a physical casino to an online casino. Note that the use of Provably Fair technology does not require an online casino to accept cryptocurrencies, it can be any normal online casino site with fiat currencies. It is just a technology that is borrowed from blockchain.

Playing provably fair casino games

Sometimes you want to sit back and enjoy a casino game out of the ordinary. The provably fair range of games is a great combination of card and dice games, along with the mechanics of popular mobile games. Grab your phone or sit down at your computer and start playing some exciting provably fair games from the best game developers.

One of the advantages of free provably fair games is that you get a good idea of how to play without worrying about losing money. Familiarize yourself with a game you’ve never heard of or one that seems to have great odds of winning while playing in demo mode. Then, when you’re ready, you can place your first cryptocurrency bet at the best bitcoin casinos.


Provably Fair will be the future of online gambling, with all the benefits and the kind of security it offers for both players and Bitcoin online casinos. There is no need to be high-tech to take full advantage of this method, as players only have to click the button, enter a little information and find out whether or not the online casino manipulated the results in their favor. And at the same time, online casinos can also make sure that they are not being robbed by cheating players.

Best Provably Fair Games 2024
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